Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social: We're Getting Deep.

Sunday Social

What is your ideal way to relax?
On a beach with a cocktail in hand.  Or, if I could afford it, I would have a live in masseuse.  But, I can't lol.  Not yet at least.  Mani/Pedis always seem to do the trick.  I would say, though, that the most simple and my favorite way to relax is with a glass of red wine, a cuddly blanket, and a movie or some trashy reality tv show that I am currently obsessed with.  Preferably the beach though ;)

Where is your favorite place to be?
Home, obviously.  Isn't that an easy one?  I mean we travel so much throughout the year, that it makes coming home to our stuff and bed and space make us love it even more.  Specifically, my favorite place to be is snuggled up in bed as a little family, yes, including Wiley.  It's in those moments that all I can think is, "This is what life is all about."

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
I can't pick just one.  Seriously.  I have had so many different role models during very different stages of my life.  I am blessed to have a lot of strong people in my life.  People who helped me be the person I am today.  

What does your life look like in 3 years?
Happy.  Fun.  Full of love.  I would hope that we could have given Gwen a sibling by then.  That my husband would be thriving still in his work.  Gwen would be starting Kindergarten. {Shit, I can't believe that!}  And living life to the fullest!

If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
None.  Honestly, I had a very different answer written for this but, I realized that whether my decisions have been good, bad, smart, or extremely dumb, they have brought me to this place in life.  And I have never been happier.  I'm happy with my family, immediate AND extended, I'm blessed with supportive and strong relationships, I married my best friend, and I have the most precious little girl in the world. So, one changed  decision may have placed me somewhere else, and this is the only place I would want to be.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Gwen.  Simple as that.  Being a mom is a gift, and a blessing, and a constant growing experience.  Being a stay-at-home mom isn't all roses... it's a challenge.  Believe me, I am not complaining, but sometimes I think that being a mom gets overlooked as a very important job.  And I couldn't be more proud of the job I currently hold.

We spent all day in PJs, just our little family, napped together, snuggled together... perfection.


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Natalie said...

Love getting to know more about you...and yes being a mom is the toughest job!