Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 {a recap}

There is so much to say about this past year.  Loss, love, and family are just a few words that can help describe it.  And I am not sure that I can even put it all into to words, but I'll try.

Not only did I, but we, meaning my immediate and extended family, lost people that meant SO much to us.  A Nanny, a father, and a Pop-Pop. Our hearts are still aching, and will continue to ache.  I pray that the next year brings us all some healing and comfort.  Those that we lost will never be forgotten, and continue to live on in each of us.

Oh, love!  My amazing brother married one of my best friends this year, in a time when we needed love the most! I gained a sister (even though she technically already was) and they have begun a beautiful journey in life.  Congrats again.

My best friend of 25, yes 25 years got engaged to my husband's cousin... finally :) So, in 2013 we will get to share the same last name!! I've never wanted to see a friend happy as much as I did her, and watching her enjoy all of these moments melts me.  They deserve every second of happiness that comes their way.

Ahhh, loooove.  Being a wife and a mother teaches me things daily. My heart grows. Daily.  I love my husband {even when we don't like each other}, as a person, as my husband, and as the best father.  All of our relationships are growing and every day they are filled with more and more love.  Even in my angriest (and possibly most selfish) moment, I know that he would do anything for our daughter, and for me... and my anger melts.

Jason, there are some moments in our life when you think I don't even like you, haha, but please know this... you are my backbone when I am weak, my warmth when I am cold, my sanity when I feel lost, and the only person I've ever loved with my whole heart.  You (and Gwen) are my home.  I love you.

Our family has gained and lost this year, but throughout it all we have become so much closer and connected.  It's been a blessing among all the chaos we were enduring (good and bad).  We've rallied and held each other up in the hardest times and cheered each other on during each other triumphs.  We made a dying man's last wish come true, because it meant the world to him, and he meant the world to us.  I hope that this is the beginning of a very long chapter in all of our lives, that we stay as in touch with each other and continue to grow together.  I love you all.

Oh, Miss Gwen, you amaze me every day.  You are so smart, and fun loving, and sweet, and gorgeous.  This year has been one of SUCH growth, so much so that you are no longer that teeny tiny baby that I brought home from the hospital over two years ago.  You are a little lady.  You are talking so much and very clearly.  You looooove to dance.  You bring joy to each person who crosses your path.  And most important you fill our lives and hearts with more and more love every day.

In 2013, I wish for healing, for comfort, for continued friendships and relationships.  I hope my marriage keeps growing and strengthening.  I hope for a sibling for Gwen {yup, I am putting it out there, 2013 is hopefully the year of the baby!}.  And for safety, health, love and peace for our family and friends.

Happy New Year to you all!



Melissa Pezza said...

You had a hard year but also a great year. I wish nothing but the best for your for 2013!

Steve Heisman said...

Luke wants to know who the hot broad is and when they can hang out...