Friday, January 18, 2013

She Got It From Her...

From the minute a baby is born, actually even while in the womb still, comparisons are already being made.  

"Omg, she looks just like you."
Dude, it's an ultrasound.  She looks like an alien. lol.

But, I must say that Gwen has very distinctive Mommy  or Daddy  traits.

Straight out of the gate, girlfriend was a spitting image of her Daddy.  Like, if I hadn't birthed  her myself, I would have questioned if she was mine.  Their baby pictures... identical.  As time has passed though, she has started to look more like me.

Just like her Daddy, she is a morning person.  An "I'm up, everybody's up, let's get this day crack-a-lacking" type of morning person.  Momma bear... not so much.  I am reaaaaalllly not a mornin' person.  I am a "let me sleep, don't speak to me until I speak to you {except Gwen} which will probably be after coffee has entered my body"  type person.

She's bossy... like her Momma... and Daddy.  Seriously this kid didn't have a chance in the "bossy" department. lol.  But, I would say that we aren't too bossy, and I am pretty sure that we can keep her under control :)

She's a piiiiiicky eater... just like her Mommy {well, I used to be when I was little}.  My mom used to have to roll my cheese sandwiches into little balls to get me to eat it.  And I would mask my broccoli with ketchup to be able to eat it.  I must say that Gwen is getting better, thank God.

She loves music and to dance... like Mommy and Daddy.  I'd say that she enjoys music as much as her Daddy, but thankfully gets her dance moves from her Mommy.  {sorry babe, I'm def the better dance in this duo. love your efforts though}

She's a lefty like her Mommy... aaaannd a righty like her Daddy.  Yup, she's ambidextrous.  For now.  Lol.  She currently just puts the crayon/marker/pen/etc into either hand and has a pretty good grip with both.  I am pushing for a Southpaw though.

She's a little party animal {the PG kind} like her Daddy.  They love to have a good time, laugh, and be the life of the party.  I do too, but they are so similar in this area.  And boy, is she the life of the party!

It's so interesting to see some of our traits coming out in her, let's hope that they are all the good ones!

Happy Friday, peeps.  Hope there's a fun weekend in store for you.



Jennifer said...

Too cute. I know what you mean about the comparisons thing. I hear that Emma looks like daddy all the time. We both feel people aren't looking past her skin tone and brown eyes.

Jessica said...

My oldest daughter is a Gwen. You never hear that name and it's one of my favorites!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

So cute!!! My little man is such a morning guy too! Hope yo are doing great:_)