Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is It Possible?

I love Gwen, with every single ounce of my heart.  I fiercely love her.  She is my our entire world.  How in the world can that be duplicated?!  HOW am I going to find the room in my already filled heart for another little being.  And, how can I do it without loving her any less??

Now, I know that this is all possible.  I mean, millions of families have more that one child and the love just continues to grow and grow.  I know that my parents love me and my brother just as much {or at least that's what they tell him. Just KIDDING, Michael, xo}.  But, right now, Gwen is the center of our universe and change is scary.

Can I balance the love and attention between them?

Gwen is my first baby.  My first gift.  My first glimpse at motherly love.

Who can compete with that?

I never want her to feel like she lost part of me.  {yes, I know that this is ridiculous, but I am just being honest.}

I actually am teary eyed thinking about it. {hormones AGAIN}

Will she allow me to love another baby just as much as her??  Will she accept me as I love another child?

I know, when the time comes, that I will be able to do it.

But, for now, I am a little bit scared.

Maybe that's ok though.  I was scared before Gwen was born, too.  Will I be a good mother?  Will I love her the minute I meet her?  Can I do this?  And we all know how that worked out.  Just fine.  Better than fine.  Great.

Are these normal feelings??  Any other moms out there that deal/dealt with this??  Or am I just crazy??


Jennifer said...

I'd like another baby and I worry about this same issue.

Vanessa Miller said...

I'm 2.5 months away from welcoming our second child and I am so scared of all of these things!! I love my daughter so much and it's hard for me to believe that I can love another child as much. Like you, I know it's possible and I know that when the time comes it will all be fine, but it is so scary!

Kerry said...

You aren't crazy at all! These are absolutely normal feelings, I thought the same thing with my babies. But you know what? You just do, you love them equally and it just happens naturally. You will manage things just fine once a routine kicks in, give it a few months though, going from one to two is a little more difficult at first. But the love is the same!! xo