Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pregnant Patience & A Trying Toddler

She warned me.  Dr. P, that is.  She said, "You are going to have very little patience, especially with Gwen." And even though I had thought I was already dealing with it... I was wrong.

I feel like I have the shortest fuse with her lately.  Well, really with EVERYTHING, but she is the only one that I really feel bad about.

I can't stand the sassiness, the talking back, the defiance... all things that normally irk me, but I mean these things are driving me nuts.

And the repetitiveness?? THE WORST.

"No, Gwen."  "Stop, Gwen."  "Come here, Gwen."

I find myself in the car with her some mornings, and after the "I want ______, I want______, I want_____"  and the "Mom, Mom, Mom"s, wanting to turn around and say, "Just. stop. talking."  PLEASE.

There are definitely moments that I feel like a bad momma, because I have zero tolerance for her normal toddler behavior.  I just want to lock myself in a room where I can't be asked, "Where you going? What you doing? Where you going?  What you doing?"  any more.  Where I can't be affected by the whining and crying because I won't let her have yet another round of M&M's.

Thank God this child still naps.  Because not only is it the "timeout" that we both need, we both get to recharge and start fresh when she awakes.  

I am praying that my second trimester brings back my toddler tolerance... because she is just too cute to waste our time together being frustrated with her.

I asked one of my friends who just had her second baby girl, if she had little patience with her toddler during the first trimester, and she said that it was the third trimester that was hard for her.  Shit.  There's a chance this could happen again during the third trimester?!  Please. No.  

See?  This is why mom's need wine.  Lol.  I think I will start stocking up now for when baby is born.  Hey, I like to be prepared :)

Have any other Moms out there dealt with a similar situation?? Does is go away?? I'd love to hear... because right now, I could use the encouragement.


Brittney said...

I have no patience when I'm pregnant...like none! I swear Wyatt is a picky eater because I was so tired when I was pregnant with Reese that I made him the same thing for dinner every night!

Your friend is right though - the third trimester is the worst because you're not sleeping, you're uncomfortable, and there's NO patience to be found. The bright light at the end of the tunnel is that you get naps AND there's a brother or sister for Gwen on the other side!

Vanessa Miller said...

Unfortunatly I am dealing with this now. I am in my third trimester and I am much more impatient than ever. The first and second weren't that bad but it's bad now. I heard ya on the repeating things but the worst for me is the not listening. She looks at me and she knows what I'm saying but she just flat out refuses to listen. Sorry to say it's probably going to get worse before it gets better.

the workaholic momma said...

I have to "third" Brittney and Vanessa...my third trimester was the worst and I hated the "frustrated feeling"...but its all worth it...I can promise you that:) The only thing better than being a momma of one is being a momma of 2!!! I'm so excited for you...hang in there girl!!

Angie said...

I have to be honest, I'm not pregnant and I have little toddler tolerance. Frankly I think it's because I have a teenager, toddler and infant at home but still, I feel terrible about it. Praying you find the patience you need friend :)

Kerry said...

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it lately Samantha :( I am sure it is even worse because of the pregnancy hormones and tiredness. Maybe try some diversion tactics, kids forget about things pretty quickly. Have things on hand to distract her or go for a walk in the sun and find things. If she is occupied she may not have much time to whinge. It is hard, sometimes we just need our headspace. Thinking of you, it won't last forever xo