Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gwen's Blessed Day

This past Sunday was the day that we chose to have Gwen Baptised at St. Henry's right down the street.  It was an amazing day, and Gwen was SO well behaved... (I was so worried that the day would be too much for, or even us.)  But it turned out to be absolutely perfect, and everyone seemed to enjoy it also.

Getting to this point was such a daunting task, for so many reasons.  We have such a large family that planning started to seem like it was for a Wedding and not a Christening... lol.  AND, in true-to-us form, we changed the location of our party THREE times!!!  Ok, the first time was not our fault, but we are totally to blame for changing the venue one last time, only a week beforehand. Yes, we are completely aware of how crazy we are, but at least it all worked out for the best. 
It was so great to see ALL of our family together, the occasions are very seldom that we are all in one place, at one time.  Seeing everyone gather to celebrate Gwen makes all of the planning and stress worth it! 

Now on to planning Gwen's birthday party (YES, I am starting 6 months early, haha!)

Enjoy your day!


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