Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been reading a few other Mom's Blogs, and they all have this little update on them.  So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon...

Gwen, you are 6 months old...
and this is what you are up to...

Weight - 18 lbs

Height - 26.5 inches

Diapers - Size 2, but as soon as we finish this package we are moving on to Size 3... it's getting a little tight in those trousers... lol.

Clothes - 6 months, some brands 6-9 months, and you still have tons of them in your closet!!!!!

Food - Still taking formula, single grain whole wheat rice (but we are switching over to oatmeal after this box), carrots, squash.  And we have the green light to go on to green veggies and fruits.  Yay! 

Sleep - I would equate this category with my "Stretch Mark" category in the pregnancy updates... I don't want to "jinx" us.  But, you are sleeping in your own bed, bedtime is between 7-8pm and you usually wake up between 5-6am.  You are so good to us. :)

Naps - You nap a few times a day... some are very short (30 min.) and sometimes you sleep for 2 hours. 

Teeth - You have 2 so far.  But, you are still teething like crazy!  You will chew on anything you can...

-You are sitting up by yourself, although not without a pillow behind you.  (Your Mommy is too paranoid)

-You are SOOOO eager to get crawling.  You can get up on all fours, and rock back and forth, but don't yet have the coordination to go.  Soon, my little mover, soon.

-You DO have the ability to push yourself backwards... but that only frustrates you more because it puts more distance between you and the object that you want.  It IS cute though :)

-You LOVE your feet... and putting them in your mouth (it's ok, it is a milestone, haha).  But, who's kidding who, Mommy and Daddy could eat those tootsies too!

-You love to "talk," and it melts our hearts every time.

-Your 6 month doctor's visit was today, Wednesday March 23, 2011.  Dr. A says that everything looks great, and that you are perfect... But like we said, We already knew that!!!

Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much.

Hope you all like this new addition.


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Anonymous said...

Love You, Gwen. Nanny