Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life, Now.

     In less than a week, Gwen will be six months old... WOW.  I know that I say this often, but although it seems like she was just born yesterday, I feel like she has been in our lives for so much longer.   With this pretty big milestone just around the corner, I am sitting here reflecting on all that has happened, and couldn't imagine not being with her all day, every day. 

     Being a Mom has been the most fulfilling experience, and dare I say, job I have ever taken on.  I must admit that being a stay-at-home Mom was never my "dream," not that there is anything wrong with that, it just wasn't a path I saw myself heading down.  And although it was quite an adjustment, and a bit hard for me to accept the fact that I would no longer be bringing in an income, and that I would be getting paid in hug and kisses, it has been MORE than worth it.  Everyday brings something new that makes me think, "I can't imagine NOT being right here for this."  Yes, there are times that I pray for a break, or a day out, and then the day/moment comes, and I get teary-eyed that I am leaving her, miss her tremendously while I am gone, and am more than excited to see her when I get back.  Go figure, lol.

     Even though I am really "working" even more than when I had a "9-5" job, I want to thank Jason for giving me the opportunity to be "unemployed," lol, and with Gwen all the time.  I know that there are times that I don't give him enough credit, and vice versa, but I am so thankful for what our lives have become... and I love him so much for everything he does for our family.  I only hope that I make him proud to call me his wife, and Mommy to his precious little girl.

     I look forward to all the things that are ahead of us... but I have to run, my "boss" is calling me. ;)

Me & "The Boss"


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