Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Year, A Different Monitor

     Occasionally, I look back through my old blog posts, just to see how different life was, as we were preparing and awaiting Gwen's arrival.  During my reminiscing, I came across a post from last St. Patrick's Day... it was the day of my first sonogram! I was so excited that day, I almost forgot that it was a national drinking holiday, LOL! 

     It was the day that my pregnancy really became REAL, if that makes sense... I mean, of course it was real, but finally seeing that little bean of a baby made it so much more concrete.  As exciting as those days were, they don't even hold a candle to what our days are like now. 

Here is our peanut on the monitor last year...

And, here she is tonight...

...This year is WAY better :)


This morning, a Facebook friend shared a blog with me called "Another Day Stronger," written by a woman who lost her beautiful 4-month old baby girl, Maddie, one month ago today.  I have been reading her blog all day, crying and feeling my heart break for her.  I couldn't imagine what Kellie (blogger's name) and her husband, James, are going through.  She is an amazing, strong, and courageous woman, especially for continuing her blog despite her loss. 

I told Gwen about Maddie today, even though that may sound crazy, I wanted her to know about this precious little angel.  Well, Kellie asked that, in memory of Maddie's one month passing, that we (all her blog followers) "take your babies to the park and have a great time... take lots of pictures, kiss them, love on them and tell them about our princess Maddie" and then share... for Maddie.   

So we did!  And what a perfect day it was for the park... here are our pics :)

It was a great day.

I've never thought that I have taken any minute with Gwen for granted, but after reading Kellie's story, my eyes are open even wider.  Gwen fell asleep on my shoulder tonight, a VERY rare occurance, and it made me cry.  I couldn't believe I was so lucky, and it was so hard for me to put her down...

I love you Gwen, actually I know that I can speak for Daddy too, WE love you, more than you will ever know...
Love each day like it is your last...
...sending tons and tons of love your way.

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