Friday, March 25, 2011


Yep, you read right... POOP-A-DOOP.  Lol!  This is just ONE of the crazy names that we come up with to call Gwen.  And BOY are there more!  I've been thinking of all the pet names that we call our little lady, and thought maybe it would be fun to share...

1. Peanut
2. Pumpkin and/or Pumpkin Pie
3. Poop
4. Poop-A-Doop
5. Poopie Pie (I know, it doesn't SOUND cute... but it really IS!!!)
6. Munchkin
7. Gwen-Bo-Ben (Daddy came up with that one)
8. Mama
9. Mama Pants (What is wrong with us, seriously?!?! lol)
10. Mama Pan-ta-leones (Yes, it is our own Spanish version of pants... haha, we are so weird!)
11. Sista
12. Sista Pants (We seem to like this "Pants" Add on)
13. Sista Pan-ta-leones (And we say it in an "Announcer" voice, lol)
12. Doop
13. Doop-A-Loop
14. Doopie Doopers
15. Doopie Pie (Ok, I guess we like the "Pie" Add on too)
16. Princess (That's what my Dad called me too)
17. Babycakes
18. Honey (Mostly used by Daddy)
19. Honey Pants (SEE, we really like the "Pants" thing)

...ughhh there are so many more, I actually think we just make stuff up on the spot.  But, who cares right?  I'm sure that you all have been called or call someone a pet name... something about it just makes you feel good.  We just love making her smile that beautiful smile. 

Maybe we should start calling her Gwen, so she doesn't get confused :)

Adios, Lovey Doveys ;)


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Trisha said...

Sam! i'm a fan of number 17... thats what i used to call Daria when she was a baby! aww remember those days!! xoxo