Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Beautiful Christmas(es).

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday! We must certainly did.  Each and every day of our Christmas celebration was uniquely special and full of love.

We are seriously blessed.

Not to mention, Miss Gwen got more toys than I think our home can accommodate. Lol.  For real.  We currently have a kitchen, shopping cart, trampoline, microphone stand and drum set in our living room.  A princess corvette in our office.  Overflowing drawers of clothes.  And enough toys to last us the year.  

The best part?

She truly loved every minute of it.


She loved seeing her extended family.  And couldn't rip presents open fast enough.  Even made us Christmas breakfast in her new kitchen.

She made every single minute of the planning, scheduling, shopping, worth it!

We hope that every one of our family members enjoyed our time together too.

Here are some pics from our Christmas celebrations...

Catch up with us tomorrow for a farewell to this past year.


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Amber said...

looks like such a fun christmas and I agree with you this year was lots of fun and worth the shopping for sure.