Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bee Gone.

This whole story, happened in about 5 maybe 6 minutes.  But, it felt in slow motion.  And looking back, I can only laugh at it's silliness.

Gwen and I were sitting in the living, watching Daddy & Uncle Keith get ready for work.  She gave kisses and said her goodbyes, then climbed up into our bay window, to wave and watch for Daddy's car to pull out of the driveway.  

She saw Uncle Keith, and was patiently (not really) waiting for her Daddy as she pushed her face into the glass.  I leaned up closely with her, reassuring that he would be seen soon, as she said, "Momma, BUG!"

{Let's take a moment here to tell you that, I don't do bugs.  Total wuss in that dept.}

I looked over and saw what I thought was a wasp!! And Gwen was almost nose to nose with it!

Without thinking about how MY reaction would affect HERS, I yelled, "HURRY! MOVE!" probably with a look a sheer terror on my face.

She reacted exactly how I hoped, if we were ever in this situation, she wouldn't.  She panicked.  Took a flying leap into my arms and began crying hysterically while clinging to me for dear life.

Mind you, Jason has not left the driveway yet.

I try to put her down, to attempt to either kill the bastard or flag down Jason to come to our rescue.

Neither of those things worked.  And now I was half out the door, with a screaming child, in my pajamas, trying to flag down my husband, whom did not see us at all.


I head back into the house, attempt to put Gwen on the ground again, with no success.  With my head held low, because I know how silly of a situation this is, I pick up the phone.

"Hun, Gwen almost got stung by a wasp, I freaked, then she freaked, and now she won't let me put her down to kill it... can you come back home?!?!"


"I'll be right there."

Two minutes later, because he literally was a stone's throw from the house, our Superhero came to the rescue.

"Daddy, buuuuuuuuuug in the window.  You kill it?"

And that's what he did.  He saved the day.  We clapped.  And gave thankful kisses. Then sent him back off to work.  Not before he told me, "It was only a bee, Sam."  

Bee, schmee.  Still has a stinger, no?!?

That was our morning.  6 minutes of chaos.


Jennifer said...

This is hilarious! I would react the same way and then get scolded by Aaron to not do that because her reaction will be the same. Bugs are gross, she shouldn't like them. Simple. lol

Monica said...

Haha this is quite funny! I am only really terrified of centipedes & milipedes everything else is fine. My sister once ran into a door and gave herself a black eye running from a bee. Clearly she is terrified of them!

Kerry said...

Hehehe you are funny! You need to have some bug spray on hand lol