Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Best Kind Of Surprise.

One January morning, four girls (who've known each other since before they knew how to walk in heels), sat down to a very Sex and the City breakfast to catch up on each others lives.  And that morning, our lives were all changed when a pair of tiny little Uggs sent straight from Australia were placed on the table.


Another little one to add to our clan.  The joy was overwhelming... except for one little tidbit.  Baby's Auntie would not get to enjoy any of the pregnancy.  She would be away "Down Under" until after the due date.  And we all saw the hurt in Momma's eyes.

THAT day, we went home and the planning began.

A surprise shower.

With a surprise guest.

The next few months flew by, and before we knew it, the big day was here... and she had no idea.

The day was amazing, the plan...perfect.

Here are some pics from my best friend's baby shower, and the most heartwarming reuniting of sisters I think that I will ever encounter.

Now we wait for Baby Harrison's arrival... :)



Carolynn Markey said...

wow, what an amazing surprise! her face is full of Joy!!

Jamie said...

So sweet.

Peggy Aront said...

I love how you told the story!

Amber said...

what a sweet surprise for you sure! Her face tells it all.

Kerry said...

That sure is a wonderful, tearful surprise!! You girls are all so lucky to have one another :)