Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bumpdate :: 15 Weeks

First, thank you so so so much for all of the kind words and advice after my last few posts.  Thankfully, my second trimester is now over, and my sanity patience is coming back, slowly.  I know that all of the things that I was feeling was normal, it's just so much different when you are actually going through it.  To everyone that reached out to me, I appreciated every single word.  You guys are a great little support system.

I'm feeling good lately, tired still, but I blame that on chasing a toddler from sun up to sun down.  I had another appointment with Dr. P last week and all seems to be right on track.  Heard baby's heartbeat again {Gwen got to as well}, which is always a reassuring feeling. :)

How far along?
15 weeks. {16 tomorrow, sorry a little late.}

Total weight gain/loss?
I gained back the one pound that I lost.  As Dr. P said, "You gained a WHOPPING pound."  Lol.  I am very thankful for this, seeing as how I have to be in a bridesmaids dress thist weekend!!  {wish me luck} Then we are shutting down our wedding season for the year {Yay!}.

Maternity clothes?
No, I've been in dresses and skirts most of the time.  And thankfully, my pants aren't too tight yet.  I really do have to start looking for maternity clothes for the colder weather though, because I have NONE.

Still napping, still going to bed somewhat early.  I am happy to say that I am able to sleep through the night {so far} without having to pee a million times.  But, I must admit that this baby definitely sits on my bladder more than Gwen did.

Best Moment of the Week?
Seeing Gwen's face when she heard the baby's heartbeat.  I'm sure she didn't really understand what it was, but she was definitely excited to hear it.  It was very cute.  I think she is going to be a really amazing big sister.  And baby's first flutters! :)

I felt my first flutters the other night!! For some strange reason, I didn't think that it would be AS exciting the second time around.  But it sure was.  Maybe because I knew what it was and didn't think it was just gas bubbles.  Lol.  It made me feel much more pregnant.

Food Cravings?
My watermelon cravings are back.  And sweet Jersey corn.  I have stocked up on both this week.

Not yet.  We've made our appointment for the gender u/s, and yes, I already tried to change it to a week-ish earlier.  I know, I know, we are the most impatient people in the world.

Labor Signs?
Yeah right.

Belly Button?
No change, although, I will say that it never really went back to "normal" after Gwen... hopefully after this bambino my belly button will still be recognizable!

What I Miss?
Subs.  Ham sandwiches.  And I have a SERIOUS want for clams on the half shell... but I always want them.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
Our weekend get away coming up.  And our family vacation at the end of the month. {Whoooo-hoooo!}  And still waiting for that REAL belly pop... not just a pudgy looking belly.

The end of the first trimester.  Thank the GOOD LORD!


the workaholic momma said...

You look great girl and I know you're glad to be out of the first trimester:) I was so impatient with finding out the gender...we went early too:) YAY for the first flutters...thats SO exciting:)

Natalie said...

Look at you with that little bump!!!