Friday, July 19, 2013

Being Away.

This past weekend, we were away from Gwen in Fort Lauderdale for a wedding.  And although it was a nice little getaway, I wanted nothing more than to be with Gwen.  Yea, it's nice being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want... but when I was sitting at the pool, sipping on my virgin pina colada {boo to that}, all I could think was, "Man, I really wish she was here."

There were tons of other little kids, having fun with their parents, giggling and laughing in the sun and the sand.  I couldn't get hometo her fast enough.

We have gone away without her one other time.  She was 8-ish months old and we went to Florida for a few days... I nearly had a breakdown when I got back.  I couldn't believe how much I missed her.  How much I felt like she had changed in just a few short days.  It was unreal.

But, THIS trip was the first one that she really even knew we were gone.  She told us everytime that we FaceTime-d with her, "I miss you."  "You come back now?" and I could have cried each time.  So, you can bet your ass that I did not let that little girl go when I got her back.  I smothered her with hugs and kisses.  I told her a million times how much I loved her and missed her.

Life is so different.  I live for her.  I want to share every moment with her.  Because every moment and memory is better with her in it.

In a few weeks we are going away again, this time as a family, and I am even MORE excited about this vacation.  I can't wait to spend the week away with my little girl... it's gonna be so much fun!!!

I also reached the 17 week mark in this pregnancy on Wednesday... only three more weeks until this bambino is half baked.  Yippee!

This is a low key weekend for us, other than Gwen begging her Daddy to take us to see Turbo.  3 movies in a month, this girl is on a roll!


Ashley said...

It's really hard to be away from your kiddo.

You look absolutely amazing!

Alyssa said...

You two are so beautiful!! Can't wait to "meet" the new baby! :)

Kerry said...

Hi Samantha! Finally I have gotten back here to visit you, my blog reading has left a lot to be desired lately :(
Good to hear you had a nice getaway but I totally understand you when you say how much you missed Gwen. I feel the same if I go away, my kids are my whole world!
The pictures of you and Gwen are absolutely gorgeous!!! xo