Monday, July 22, 2013

Miss Independent and Her Control Freak Momma

A wave of independence has swept over my tiny toddler... and it ain't so pretty.  About week ago began the "I want to do it" "I do" "Me do, me do, ME DO" phase.  It's to the point where tantrums are thrown, tears are shed, and days are sometimes ruined.  

For example, last night, while trying to move along the bedtime process, I put Gwen's pjs on {which is something that I do every single night}... she SCREAMED like I was torturing her, then began to rip her pants off, so that she could put them on herself.  Say what now?!?

This hasn't been the only time.  It happens with putting on shoes.  Buckling her belt in the stroller.  Zippering her purse {that we can't leave the house without}.  So on and so on.

It's almost insane.

I want to give her the independence, but I don't want her to think that behaving like a lunatic because she hasn't gotten her way is ok with me.

Is this normal?  Or am I being a bit a of a control freak?

Of course I want her to learn how to be more independent, something that is inevitable... but I need to learn how to navigate this path a little bit better.  For all of us.

I also need to learn to be more patient with parts of this process, but to be honest, spending 20 minutes waiting for her to put on her own shoes when she ultimately needs my help to buckle them, isn't always time efficient.

I never expected this.  Or for it to be an "issue."  Grr. Any advice mommas?


In other news, lol, we spent the day in the city with one of my besties!  She is only 2 weeks away from having her first baby boy!!! Ahh!  I cannot wait to meet little Harrison :)  I took this belly pic of her today.

Bring on baby boy!


Natalie said...

These toddlers are definitely wanting to do everything lately...I totally get this!

Anonymous said...

Torin is just like that too! putting on his shirt, climbing in his carseat, buckling his carseat. opening and closing doors, getting in and out of the bath... lol the list goes on and on and YES it's frustrating and YES he acts like a crazy person too. Most of the stuff I just let him do because it's not actually hurting me, it's just taking twice as long.