Friday, July 26, 2013

Bumpdate :: 18 Weeks

How far along?
18 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss?
I haven't been back to the Dr. yet, but my scale varies a pound or two.  I really am trying to eat as healthy as I can, but there are some things I just can't resist ;)

Maternity clothes?
I literally went down to the basement to dig them out today.  The only things I really plan on using right now are the shorts and pants that I have.  But, mostly I have just been wearing dresses everyday, they are so much easier and way more comfy.

Doing just fine in this department {knock on wood}.  Miss Gwen has even had a few late sleep ins lately, so I am feeling quite refreshed for the most part. I do have to say though, that I have been having some CA-RAAAAZY dreams.  Very realistic, yet pretty "out there."  

Best Moment of the Week?
Spending not just one, but two days with my best friend, Elyse, who is having her baby boy in just a week and a half!!! I took a few pics of the gorgeous momma, and we even got a pic of our baby bellies together.  I met her in Kindergarten and I would never have imagined then that we would one day be standing together taking pics of our "bumps"!!!  I am so excited to be a part of Harrison's life, I know that our kids will be the best of friends, or maybe even boyfriend and girlfriend :)

I am still having the "flutters," but the other night, I swear I could feel them from the outside.  I can't wait for Jason and even more so, Gwen to be able to feel the baby move.  {Damn hormones, I cry just thinking about it.}

Food Cravings?
Pickles.  Dill.  I could literally eat a whole jar.  And yesterday was a really cool and brisk day out, so obviously it made me crave everything Pumpkin, especially my Pumpkin Coffee.  

Coming soon.

Labor signs?
Not for me.

Belly Button?

What I Miss?
Deli meat.  Strange, yeah I know... but ham and cheese is my "go-to" lunch.

What I Am Looking Forward To?
VA-CA-TION!  That's right, we are on vacation next week.  A whole week with some of my family at a GOR-GEOUS beach house.  We have a work-free Daddy for the week, and plenty of baby-sitters/entertainers to help with Gwen, therefore this Momma is looking for some relaxation and fun in the sun.  Bring. It. On.

No major ones this week, but we are ever so close to the halfway mark!  Yippee!

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Ashley said...

You look great!!

You can eat deli meat as long as you warm it up first :) I know a lot of girls that'd buy it heat it up in the microwave then throw it in the fridge to cool it again. Just a thought. :)

Have fun on vacation!! :)