Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Watch Thief

Jason is the worst when it comes to missing items.  It's the truth.  If he  is missing something, the world must stop... he'll look for .2 seconds for whatever the lost item is, then expects me to find it.  Which then throws me into a fit a rage because 1.) Just put the damn thing back where it belongs and then we wouldn't be in this predicament and 2.) It usually isn't hidden very "deeply" and he would have found it himself if he just DARE move something around, or possibly bend over to look under something. {well that was a little bit of a rant, huh?! lol}

Now, when I lose something, do you think that he returns the favor?!  Nope.  "Hey hun, have you seen my..."  "Nope."  And that's it... I'm on my own.  Thanks, pal.

I've learned that this is a "learned" behavior.  He's not looking for the "lost" items or putting them back in their place, because I just find them for him.  So, now, I try to do it less.  I give him all the help that he gives me lol.  

Now, about 2 weeks ago, we were heading out {who knows where to}, when he asked if I had seen his favorite watch.  


He looked for a few minutes, {secretly I did too shh}, but it could not be found. 

He hates going out without that watch.  Like, it can sometimes put a damper on his day, but we went out without it. 

The next day, while he was at work and I was doing daily stuff around the house, I looked in the usual "hiding spots" spots for the watch.  Nothing.

I thought it was strange.

We played the game for the past 2 weeks... "Where did you wear it last?"  "Are you sure you didn't wear it....?"  "Did you check your... ?"  Still nada.

At some point throughout this time, Hubs did ask, "Do you think Gwen could have taken it and hidden it somewhere?"

"No way."  My thoughts were that he was now grasping at straws, blaming the child for his misplacing, lol.  And she doesn't normally take our stuff.  Yes, she hoards the shit out of her things, but when she finds something of ours, she normally comes running to us saying, "Here's your .... Mom/Dad."

So we just moved along and kept looking.

Yesterday, Gwen was playing with a bag of blocks that had been put away for a while in the living room, and as usual, she decided to dump the entire contents out on to the floor to begin building...
...and here is what she had...

OMG! Hubs was right!! We had a little thief in our house!! Lol!

I immediately texted him this picture and wrote, "Look what Gwen had"

His reply? "Gwen Gwen Gwen."

Regardless, he was happy that it was found, but she definitely got a few extra tickles that night.  

My thoughts... she couldn't have gotten it if it were in it's "home."  Hopefully, lesson learned.


the workaholic momma said...

hahahaha....i just LOVE this!!!! That is too funny and I love that you were able to get a picture of it!! Addie loves to wear the hubs watch...or try to anyway but so far she hasn't nabbed it:)

Carolynn Markey said...

oh my! how funny! My husband is the same, he never knows where anything is (he blames this on my organizing! lol)

Brittney said...

First of all, Brian and I go through that "have you seen my..." scenario every day. And he's usually looking for his Yankees hat. Drives me crazy!

And Gwen cracks me up! I wonder what you'll find if you go through more bins!