Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Did You Just Say?!

I knew this day was coming.  It was inevitable.  But, just because I knew it would eventually be here, does not mean that I was any less shocked.  

Hubs and I definitely have potty mouths.  Him way more than me.  But, we both are guilty of it.  And many people in our family and extended family share the same trait.  

The car is the worst for the Hubs.  He lacks the ability to "censor" himself as we travel down the Garden State Parkway, or any other road for that matter.  He is the epitome of a "Jersey driver" and it'll never change...  

Today, Gwen and I were driving down to Hubs' work to drop off some lunch for him, when someone {a big truck} cut me off.  Luckily it wasn't a close call, but I still had to say, "WHAT are you doing?"  to which my daughter chimed in... {ready for this?}...

"Are you F!@#ing kidding me?"

My head did the exorcist turn around and I said, "What did you just say?!"

And she kindly repeated, in the sweetest little voice, "Are you F!@#ing kidding me?"

My jaw hit the floor.

"Noooooooooo.  You don't say that."

She immediately apologized, "I sorry Mommy, I won't say that."

She legitimately knew that it was something that shouldn't be said.

It actually took more of me not to burst out laughing than to get mad... at her.  I mean she used it perfectly.  Without any help.  She's more and more like her daddy each day, lol.

Her daddy, on the other hand, was about to catch my wrath.

As we handed him his sandwich, I delivered the news.  And then proceeded to tell him that he was now on "Potty mouth probation."  Indefinitely.  He couldn't help but laugh either, even though I threw him an evil eye.

I even asked her to repeat what she said to her Daddy.  And she wouldn't {good girl}.  She truly knew it was wrong.  
I guess we are all on "potty mouth probation," well at least if you want to be around my daughter.  Because even though it was comical at the moment, it's not something that I want to happen again.

Good thing she's adorable...

Have your kids thrown out the F-bomb or something similar??  How did you deal with it?


Carolynn Markey said...

Oh dear. What a moment! Hah! I don't have kids yet, but I've heard many stories from my friends, lol.

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness...too funny! My husband doesn't have a censor in the car either!

Andie said...

yep. husband often says shit when he's hooking up the boat or camper to his truck. Last time he did it, Andrew followed right after and said SHIT! I am constantly telling the husband "toddler-language!!!" to remind him but I think it goes in one ear and out the other. le sigh!

Monica said...

ahhhh haha can't help but laugh. The first time my nephew said "Oh Shit" he used it properly and we all almost died.

Alyssa said...

Shut up! That is hilarious!!! I was definitely not expecting the F word!

Leigha Fletcher said...

Oh Sam.. yes, these things happen, and for some reason, they ALWAYS use it at the right time and in perfect context... :-\ I knew the moment it happened it was our fault, obviously, kids don't make this stuff up, but still, ya get to thinking like when did I say that? And it's hard to get mad, but you do have to take steps to further avoid it, that I do know.. but it's typical, and will surely happen again.. :-) love ya girl and you twi are doing an absolute amazing job at parenting.. don't you doubt that for one second... xoxoxoxo congrats on the new edition on the way :-)

Kerry said...

Oh no!! How funny lol
And she said it in the right context at the right time too!
Good luck with your probation hehehe, old habits die hard!!
It would have been so hard not to laugh :)