Saturday, March 9, 2013

Draw Something

Linking up with Melissa today :)

I play Draw Something, a hangman-like game, with some family members and sometimes a random person (when I am bored).  I usually play via iPad after Gwen goes to bed, as a way to wind down.  Well, the other night, I logged in to the game and got a pretty interesting surprise.

I have to say that I don't always remember what my last drawing was... sometimes it has been days since I have last played, and sometimes I don't remember which game I drew which picture.  SO, when I clicked on the most recent random  game that I was playing and saw the word that I last drew, I wasn't surprised that I didn't remember it... but I didn't remember drawing it EVER.  It wasn't a word that I would ever choose to draw.  Because it was a little out of my league.

I clicked to watch my drawing be guessed to see if maaaybe there was a mistake in that game, because, hey  that's not far fetched, a glitch in a game.  And as I watched my drawing begin... it alllll clicked.

Little Miss iPad herself, who has sat with me many times while playing the game, decided that it was her turn to play.  Yeah.  It wasn't pretty.  It was what you would expect a toddler drawing to look like.  And obviously, the random person did not guess it correctly and so embarrassingly wrote...

"I'm assuming that you have a small child."

Yes, random person, yes, I do.

I apologized, while laughing out loud because, let's be honest... my toddler just hijacked my game!

My random opponent so graciously accepted my apology and we moved on, but now?  I have to keep an eye out for that little hijacker of mine.

And a little side note... 
I found other "matches" she did it in too!  Lil bugger!

We actually had to have a "talk" about how she can only use Gwen's Games and that we aren't allowed to use Mommy and Daddy's  Yeah, I really just wrote that.

So, if we ever play each other in Draw Something and some ridiculously toddler-like drawing pops up, you now know why.

Happy Saturday!!! We're off to do some celebrating :)


Kerry said...

Hehehe too funny! Thanks for making me smile :) Aren't toddlers just the best??!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Haha- thanks for making me smile. That is too cute! I dont think H could even attempt to draw at that age-old!