Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's OK.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok... be done with this snow crap.  Let's move on.  Spring, we're ready for ya. really dislike someone I barely know because they have hurt someone I love very badly. {Believe me, this person is really gonna catch an ass whooping by Karma one day}. be excited for Daylight Savings.  Yeah, Yeah, I know that it happens every year... but it makes me happy every year.  Buh Bye early sunsets, oh and you can take winter/snow with ya.  Thanks. sometimes stand in the window and people watch.

...that we make phone calls to each other during the day.  Standing next to each other.  With fake phones :)

...that we also take pics of each other taking pics.  She's just like her Momma.

...that we sometimes wear silly hats while we color. It makes it "fancy." wish the weekend was here, because don't we always wish for that?

So, we are supposed to start getting this snow stuff tonight.  Grrr.  Hope we don't lose power!!


scrapperjen said...

Fantastic "OK"s and photos. I should start wearing a hat to be fancy during the day... :)
Have a great rest of your week!

Peggy Aront said...

I believe in "karma" too.... :)

Katie said...

I am so excited for Day light savings!!!! and can we talk about your girls adorable hat, so cute!

Kerry said...

Such a cute post!! Gwen is absolutely adorable too btw :)
(I am a little envious of your snow I must say, but I can understand how you would be over it all by the end of Winter).
Hope you start to see Spring pop up around you real soon!!