Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Bad Guy.

Lately, being a Momma hasn't been all easy breezy.  Gwen is at that challenging age, pushing buttons, questioning authority, and exploring everything she can.  And to be honest, I've been feeling like the bad guy  in our duo of parenting.  It's not Hubs' fault, he's out at work all day, and when he gets home, they are both SUPER excited to see each other.  And because he isn't with her all day, he finds some of the defiance cute, the little attitude amusing, sometimes. 

Me? I feel like I am always saying no.  No to the jumping on furniture, the fake belching, the talking back, the whining and crying because she didn't get her way.  It's exhausting.

And although I know that discipline is needed and pretty crucial during this time of her life, because it can set habits that she will have for the rest of her life... I feel bad.  It's not always fun.  Some days, I wish I could let her do anything she wanted.  And just be fun allllll day.  But, if I'm not the bad guy at least sometimes, then I really wouldn't be a good parent, now would I?

I hope that even though I don't always feel like it, that I am balancing both roles well.  And that I can continue to, especially as the challenges become harder.  Because all I really want, is to be the best parent that I can be.  Not for me.  But, for Gwen.

The lessons we learn as parents are never ending.  Ever.


Natalie said...

Being a parent and being a good parent is tough work...they are always testing us! Oh my I love the fact that you guys have the same facial expression in this photo!!!

Candice Moretti said...

You are not alone Mama. I seem to be in a very similar boat. Some days it just isn't easy. Love the photo!

mommy baum said...

she is such a doll, and you are such a great parent! i find myself feeling the same quite often (my two-year-old also loves pushing buttons......) and i know that it encourages me to know i am not alone! keep up the good work ;)

Angie said...

My husband and I were actually just discussing this. He's away at work so much that I do most of the disciplining and your right, it makes you feel like the bad guy. I just try to remember that if my children aren't mad at me at least sometimes, I'm not doing my job. Wait till she's 14 friend. I have one of those and most days she thinks she hates me :(

Kerry said...

Parenting is tough at times, but the fact that this issue even bothers you is because you're a great mum, you care and want the best for Gwen. Keep up the good work, trust me, she'll respect you for it! xo