Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh, The Things She Says.

Jason comes home from lunch most days that he can, and the other day after lunch, Jason went into the bathroom.  Gwen asked me where he was, so I told her.  She headed to the bathroom door, knocked loudly and said "Dada? What are you doing?"  He replied, "I'm going potty, Gwen."  To which, she quickly responded, "Ok, Dada, beeeeeee careful!"


Out of the blue the other day, when I asked Gwen what she would like to watch, she said, "Team Umizoomi, coming up next, ooooooooooon Nick!"  I couldn't really argue with that, lol.


A few nights ago, while I was doing the dishes I overheard a conversation between Gwen and Jason. While coloring on the living room floor, Gwen held up a purple crayon and said to Jason, "Dad, look! It's BLUE!" 
He replied, "No, baby, it's purple."
"No, Dada, it's BA-LUUUE!"
"Babe, it's Purple"
"Ok, you're right... it's blue."
LOL!  He was so exhausted that he just gave in... it was worth it to win the Battle of Blue.


I swear, I never know what she is about to say next!


Monica said...

Awww super cute!!

Andie said...

how incredibly cute! Kids do say some funny things. Our little guy is still learning words so he doesn't put full sentences together quite yet, but sometimes just watching him babble is a riot! :)