Saturday, March 2, 2013


Honestly, Gwen comes up with some funny stuff these days.

...when she woke up from her nap Monday afternoon, I walked into her room and she said, "GOOD MORNING!"  I replied, "Good morning, baby."  To which she said, "I'm Gwen." {Thanks kiddo, I wasn't sure who you were}

...After said nap, she wanted to color.  So we set up shop at her little table and upon finishing her masterpiece, she handed me the paper and said "Here you go, Princess" while bowing over and extending her arm to me.  I just about died.  Just goes to show you that she is our little parrot.

...She has two aunts that she calls "Uncle _______".  Lol.  It has nothing to do with femininity or appearance, she just calls these two {whom are on opposite sides of the family} "Uncle".  And to be honest, I think that they secretly like it :)

...Although I don't actually find this amusing, I can't help but laugh every time.  Gwen's daddy has taught her to "fake burp" loudly then obnoxiously say "'Scuuuuuuuse yoooouuu!"  Maybe, I would find it funny if she only did it in the comfort of our home, but no.  She does it in the most public places and situations.  The doctor's office.  The grocery store.  I am pretty sure that if she met the President, she would pull that little parlor trick out for him to see too.  Thanks, Daddy.  Not.

...I've posted this video to FB already, but Gwen is currently OBSESSED with Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" and does a pretty kick ass version if I may say so. :)

Ooooooh, sometiiiiiimes, I get a good feelin'.

Love that little rockstar of mine.

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Haha- I love it. Mommy, I am Gwen! Too funny! OH MY G-D! That video is amazing! How did I miss it on FB!! Gwen is really becoming such a big girl! I love the laughs. TOo cute!!!