Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The "Cry Room"

     Every Sunday (since January), Jason, Gwen, and I head to church, sit in the same spot, same pew, which has a ton of room (great for the stroller), and an unobstructed view of the altar.  Also, from where we sit, you can see the windows of the "Cry Room"  on the side of the altar.  The "Cry Room" is a room for kids up to the age of 6 (I don't know why 6 yrs. old, but that's what the sign says) to watch the service and not "bother" any of the other parishioners.  From time to time, we see the occasional "hissy fit" or "freak out" in the windows, but usually it is just a bunch of toddlers playing with toys, while their parents look on without worrying about any noise their little tykes make. 

     I never knew if I was a "fan" of the idea, I mean, kids are kids, SO WHAT if they make a little noise here or there.  But, we knew that it existed, and that most people respected the concept.  Wellllll, this Sunday, Palm Sunday, was a very important, and intricate Mass.  Without getting into detail, it was a bit longer, the Church was a little more packed, and it was more than just a "regular" mass. 

     Well, Miss Gwen decided that the 10am - 11am hour, would be the hour she wanted to tell us what was on her mind.  No, not just a few minutes, yup, the WHOLE time.  So, guess where we ended up for a good portion of the time?!?!  Lol.  You guessed it!  THE CRY ROOM. Hahaha.  She wasn't cranky or crying at all.  Just talking, and talking, AND TALKING LOUDLY.  Soooo funny.  So Gwen and I HIGH TAILED it to the entrance on the side of the altar, and spent some time exploring the "cry room."  I was in such a rush to get my "Chatty Cathy" out of the spotlight, that I forgot her Diaper Bag... grrr... so I only had one toy to entertain her, and NO diapers, for a much needed change.  We managed though.

     Jason came and rescued us, lol, as the Priest was preparing Communion, and we survived made it through the rest of the Mass.  Next week, we have a lot of traveling to do for the Holiday, so we will be attending the early Mass... hopefully Gwen will be a little less "gabby" :)

Who? Me?



the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW - so cute!!! I know it wasn't at the time;) Good luck with all of your travels - we haven't "travelled" yet with Addie and I'm pretty nervous to but we don't have a vacation planned until August!

PS Addie has that same GAP jacket(color and everything) - we love it!!!

Samantha said...

Thank you! We have "lightly" traveled with Gwen, our family lives about an hour away. We have spent the weekend away at their houses, and although we have a good time, it is A LOT of work. It is amazing ALL of the things that you have to bring... plus our Chocolate Lab!

I love that Gap outfit too... so comfy, or at least it looks comfy!