Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Jury Duty Diaries

     Yes, that is Diaries, plural.  Why, do you ask?  Because, I DIDN'T GET EXCUSED!!!!!!!  Deep breaths Sam, deep breaths.  Lol.  Let me start from the beginning...

     Over a year ago, I was "summoned" for Jury Duty.  At that time, I was working at the Private Special Ed. School, and they provided a written letter explaining that it disrupted the schedules of the children.  My duties were "postponed" to a later date. 

     This past summer, I was "re-summoned" for my duties.  We were in the middle of our Summer Program at the School, so they provided me with another letter, and once again I was "postponed." 

     This time around, when the letter came, I figured, "Hey, I have an infant now, and no childcare anywhere close, there's no way I WON'T be excused."  So, I write a letter stating that I have a newborn, I am her primary caregiver, and that it would be a financial burden to us for my husband not to work those days (that was a choice on the form that they had me fill out).  I waited a few weeks, and I received notice that my request to be excused was DENIED!  Really?!?!  Ok, whatever.  I'll just bring Gwen with me.

     That brings us to this morning, and what a morning it was.

     5am.  That's what time I had to get up in order to prepare, both myself and Gwen for the day ahead.  Shower, hair, make-up, dress, feed Gwen, change her, pack bottles, entertainment (for her AND myself), etc.  Thankfully, Jason waited for us to be ready to go to work, so he kept Gwen busy while I did my stuff.  JUST as we were about to walk out the door... it started to rain.  I should have known how the morning was going to go.

     7:30am.  That is what time I left the house.  I allowed myself 1 full hour to get there (I was to report by 8:30am), and to stop for coffee (5 min.).  Ok, so I had 55 minutes to go less than 10 miles.  Let me ask you... do you think that I was on time?  NOPE!  The Holland Tunnel had a bit of a back up, which I am sure is usual for daily commuters, but not for me.  So I pulled into the "Pay for Parking" Lot (Jason begged me not to park on the street, Jersey City is not his favorite place for me to be alone, and I agree), and unloaded the caravan to head inside. 

     8:25am.  You must be thinking, "You still have 5 minutes to get inside."  You're very right, but that does not mean that it only TOOK me 5 minutes to do so.  Lol.  The parking lot was behind the building and to the left of it about a half of a block.  I had seen while driving by that there was a door in the back, so I headed for it... WOULDN'T you know, NOT an ENTRANCE.  Alright, I will find another way.  I head to what looks like a path through the middle of the block, on one side of the courthouse, which leads to the front entrance.  It was.  But all steps upward!!!  Are you kidding me?!?!!  At this point we are at 8:29am and I figure, screw it, I'll carry Gwen and the carriage up the 10 stairs, and save myself having to walk all the way around the block in the rain.  So I did.

     8:30am.  Finally, made it into the courthouse and headed to the elevator.  We reach the 4th floor, doors open.... it's a GHOST TOWN!  A bunch of closed courtroom doors, and none of which have numbers. (I am supposed to report to room 440.)  Now, I am SWEATING, lost, and late.  AWESOME!  I finally find one kind soul, and I ask, "Am I in the right place?"  Do I really need to answer this?  I'm not.  The man tells me, "You are in the wrong building.  Head to the ugly building next door."  Back to the elevator we went.

     8:40am.  Reach the ground level of the building, only to find out that there is no ramp on this level.  I must go to the Basement for the ramp.  At this point, I can only laugh at all of this, or else I would probably have started screaming.  Into the rain we went, AROUND the block (not that it matters, but my hair looks FANTASTIC at this point, haha), and down the ramp, into the building.

     8:45am.   Metal Detectors. Fun with a stroller and infant, lol.  We rode the smallest elevator with the most amount of people ever (they just loved how much room Mommy and Baby were taking up, oh well!), to the right floor and headed to the room.

     Just shy of 9am.  I wait in line to "Check-In."  The girl informs me that I OBVIOUSLY can't stay today because of the baby, that I must speak to the Jury Duty Supervisor.  Seriously lady, just send me home.  You don't want me on your Jury anyway. :)  I go into Miss Personality's office (can you see where I am going with this), and she proceeds to tell me that I have already been Postponed twice (You are only allowed 1 postponement) and that this is my last "chance."  I DON'T WANT ANOTHER CHANCE, SWEETHEART.  My excuse is not valid.  See you in July. SWEEEEEEET!!! Lol.

I wanted to RUN out of there... oh, but I couldn't because I had to go to the basement, to get to the ramp, to go through security, to get out of the DAMN building.  I can finally see the light and the officer says, "Miss, you have to go to the other ramp, on the other side of the building, we are unloading a bus load of prisoners here."  OF COURSE you are, officer.

We eventually make it out and are FREE... well until July at least.

All this and I hadn't even seen 10am yet.  Only 2 positive things had occurred throughout this all:
1) I got my coffee.
2) Gwen slept through the whole thing.  My girl loves me!

Needless to say, we are home, in sweats, and trying to unwind.

104 days until we meet again, Jury Duty.  Be afraid.

Hope you had a better morning.


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PEGGY said...

OMG, that is too funny!!!
When you get your notice let me know...if it's a day i'm off I'll come up and watch Gwen while you go :)
Mrs. A