Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Festivities

First, please let me apologize... I have been so good and diligent with my blogging, that I feel awful I have slacked this past weekend. Lol.  But there is good reason, we were travelling the entire weekend, and honestly, yesterday, I was too exhausted to do much more than care for Gwen and Wiley. 

Just a little background info, Gwen has four sets of Grandparents, and 4 Great Grandparents, therefore, holidays can be a bit more chaotic than normal.

Last Weekend :  Yes, our Easter began last weekend!  It is almost impossible to see everyone in one day, so we had an Easter dinner here at our house, for Gwen's Wela, Uncle Michael, and Aunt Megan.  Just something little, but quite fun :)  And wouldn't you know, the Easter Bunny came early!

She was excited to dig in!

Good Friday :  Hubby had a half day, so when he came home it was Egg Decorating time!  Gwen was into it for a little bit, but I think Mommy and Daddy had a bit more fun!  Afterwards, Gwen's Aunt Sherri and Uncle Keith came over for some Seafood and Wine... yummy!

Our "family" of eggs, we went with simple and bright!
Saturday :  We headed to PA to visit with Gwen's Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie Meghann, and Uncle Robbie (we missed Uncle Phil).  It was a nice easy drive, and we had lunch and played with Gwen all afternoon.  AND Gwen pulled herself up for the first time!  Yay!  Seriously though Gwen, you are growing tooooooo fast! 
Gwen with Auntie/GodMomma Meghann

Gwen and Grandpa

With Grandma and Grandpa

Cuddling with Uncle Robbie (she was starting to get cranky here)
Easter Sunday:  Well, I am happy to report that we made it to 8 o'clock Mass Easter Sunday, but I must also report that not only did I spill "puffs" all over the place, but we had to leave right after Communion bc Miss Gwen was in desperate need of a nap, and wasn't ready to do so in Church :(  But, we made it, that's what counts, right?  We then headed down to have brunch with Gwen's Nanny, Grandpa, Great Grandma (it was her birthday), Uncles Mark, Joe, and Anthony, and her my Wela came too! :)  It was such a nice brunch, I couldn't stop going up for more! 

Gwen got to see the Easter Bunny, though she had NO interest in him. Lol, it's better than crying.

With Daddy and Nanny

Gwen and Wela
 From there, we headed to see Gwen's GG (Jason's Grandma), Ciocci, Great Aunts, and 2nd Cousins (I think that's right).  Sorry, no pics, but guess what?  The Easter Bunny visited there too!  Man, he's good.

Playing with Uncle/GodPoppa Michael

Gwen and Poppy

Happy Easter Beautiful Gwen!
Our last stop for the day was Gwen's Poppy and Grammy's, who had a house full of family and friends.  We had dinner, and played some more.  We also got the last of her goodies from the Easter Bunny (I am going to need a new room for all of the things he brought!!!!)

It was a beautiful day, with great weather. 

Unfortunately, we then headed home to sit in  3 hours of traffic (it normally takes us just an hour to get home).  So, between all the travel and excitement, we were BEAT! 

We are recovered now, for the most part, and looking forward to more gorgeous weather, annnnnnndddd My 1st Birthday as a Mommy on Sunday!  I can't wait to spend the day with my little family.

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


P.S.  Even though it was yesterday, it was a special day for Gwen's Pop-Pop, my Grandpa (and Pop-Pop too).  He celebrated his 80th birthday!!!! 

Pop Pop, Jason, Me, and Mam-Mom @ our wedding 2009

 Happy Birthday Pop Pop!!!! We love you and hope to visit you soon! xoxoxoxoxoxo!


Natalie said...

Now that's what I call a long Easter! Sounds like your holidays are always going to be jam packed!

Megan said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great weekend full of fun and family!

the workaholic momma said...

Whoa - what a whirlwind of a weekend!!! Looks like Gwen was a trooper - I love all of the pics - she is just so adorable and always looks SO happy:) Hopefully you guys can recover this week!!