Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Know You're A Mom When...

I have seen these all over the place, FB, other blogs, etc., and can think of tons.  Here are a few:

You Know You're A Mom When:

  • Showering, Doing Your Hair, Make-Up, and Dressing is no longer a routine... it's an ACCOMPLISHMENT!
  • When you DO accomplish the showering, doing hair, make-up, and getting dressed, your husband says "Why are you so dressed up today?"  Hahaha. (This obviously has happened in our house.  I looked at Jason and just started laughing.)
  • You can do almost anything one handed.
  • You gave birth, therefore, you can do ANYTHING!
  • A "wild" night is actually staying up past 11pm. (Ok, who am I kidding, 10pm) Lol.
  • You spend more time watching the Monitor than the TV.
  • "Running Out For Coffee" is no longer a quick option, it's a "trip."
  • Drool, spit-up, and boogies are your latest accessory, and you really don't care.
  • You walk around the house, even when baby is sleeping, singing songs from Disney/Nick shows. (I am sooooo guilty of this, so is Jason.  That damn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gets me like once a day!!!!!)
  • Just because the baby sleeps through the night, DOES NOT mean that you do... I mean, we HAVE to make sure they are breathing, right?!?!
  • The thought of carrying a purse AND a diaper bag is tiring, therefore, all of your stuff is now in the diaper bag.
  • You would rather shop in the baby department than your own.
  • Preparing for a "day out" is like packing for a mini-vacation.  Packing for a weekend away, is like preparing to go to WAR!
  • (Ok, this one may be only me, but here it goes)  Even after the baby goes to sleep, and you sit down on the couch, at least five minutes goes by before you realize you are STILL watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. LOL!
  • The "thought" of something happening to your baby can make you burst into tears at any moment, EVEN if she/he is sitting right next to you, and absolutely fine.
  • The silliest little things, smiles, coos, babble, burps, hugs, make everything better.
The list could go on and on... but here's my last one.
  • Nothing matters, except them. 

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