Friday, April 8, 2011

Love The Way...

     I love way Jason loves Gwen.  Yes, it is so cliche, but the way that he loves her, makes me love him even more. 

     When I was younger, and pictured what my family would be like, for some reason, I always pictured having a boy first.  I'm not sure why, it's just what was stuck in my head.  Then, after I found out I was pregnant, I believed all of the pregnancy "myths" and SWORE I was having a boy, even had Jason convinced.  So, when the day came to find out the sex of our little bundle of joy, I was prepared to join team blue, or so I thought. 

     To be brutally honest, and this may seem cliche also, but after working in a Special Education School, and seeing the trials and tribulations that were endured EVERY single day... all I cared about was that our Baby was healthy.  I knew that no matter what we were having though, we were soooo blessed to be on this journey.

     Once we started telling our friends and family that we were having a little girl, the advice, comments, warm wishes, came pouring in.  But one thing stood out for me, and it became more than true when Gwen was born.  Our friend Ross, father of the most adorable little girl, Samantha, said to Jason...

"Every man needs to have a little girl, it will change his life."

     Well Ross, I am in complete agreeance!  Now, I am not saying that Jason would be a "different" Dad if we'd have had a son first, but, well, there are really no words... you just have to see Gwen and Jason together.  I don't know which of them "lights up" more when they see each other!  The way he talks to her so sweetly, and tells her that she is his whole world, that she is the reason he works so hard, or how he makes her giggle uncontrollably, brings me to tears every time. 

I guess, more than anything, I am appreciative.  Appreciative that he loves her the same way, or even better than he loves me.  And, I'm cool with that.
Their first full day together :)

Sending lots of love your way.

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