Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday - Crawling Chronicles Part 1 & 2

I can't make this post completely wordless, I need to do a bit of narrating.

Gwen's crawling is really picking up pace, and I wanted to share.  I figured the best way, would be to set her up at the end of the hallway, and put something she REALLY wanted at my end.  So, I put her down on the ground, walked to the other end with Bob (see picture) and our laptop (with some loud music playing).  And she was off...  although, she does get distracted (Wiley is still in his crate, as it is early morning and was sleeping, until she went by).  Which is why this is a two part series. Lol.

This is Bob, he squeaks, and makes an appearance in the videos!

Part 2

And, yes, she turned the video off herself, lol. 

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the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness - go, Gewn, go!!! You must be in total baby proofing mode - this girl is ready to make moves!!! Thanks so much for sharing:)