Monday, April 18, 2011

I've Been Awarded?!?!

     I can't believe it!  I received my first bloggy award from my new friend over at the workaholic momma and I feel so honored!  She is a new mommy too, to gorgeous little Addie, who was born just a few weeks after Gwen.  Unlike myself, not only is she a full time mom, she also juggles a full time career in the corporate world.  I love reading her blog, she is very honest, and shares everything from yummy recipes to great "mommy moments."  THANK YOU so much! Check out her bloggy award post, actually just check out her blog all together!

The Rules of the award are: Share 7 things about yourself, and hand out the award to 15 more people. I am going to try, but I don't know that I have 15 to choose from, lol.

1. I am a big hypochondriac.  For those that know me, already know this... but to keep from looking like a FREAK I usually only share with my family and hubby. lol.  It is quite comical in a sense, because I DESPISE doctors and hospitals, but think that the slightest headache is actually an aneurysm.  I'm crazy, I know... I really hope Gwen does not acquire this trait of mine. I should be BANNED from WebMD. Seriously.

2. I love to dance!  I grew up dancing, ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and still can sit and watch for hours.  But, I mean I love to get on the dance floor and boogie!  Especially with Jason, who although I wouldn't he say his is "rhythmically gifted," he DOES make it sooooo much fun.

3. I hate feet!  (Except my own, and of course Gwen's)  I dislike almost everything about them.  I almost can't explain it, I mean, I don't like other people's feet touching mine (even Hubby's, unless he has socks on), I even get skeeved out in certain places where I know people have walked barefoot. Strange, I know.

4. I could not live without Blistex.  My gosh, I am making myself sound nutso!  Lol. But, it is true.  I need to have a tube of Blistex with me at all times.  I put it on right before bed (Jason HATES that!), and usually use it more that lip gloss.  And it can't be the "stick" kind.  It must be the white tube, containing white lip balm.

5. I looooove a good margarita, but can't drink tequila (Unless it is Cafe Patron).  Now, I personally don't this is so weird.  My perfect summer drink is a Golden Margarita on the Rocks w/ Salt... mmmmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  But if you EVER handed me a shot of Tequila, I would probably throw up on the spot.  The smell along could send into another room. 

Now here are my awards... I think that I am going to send out 3 for now.  Check out all of these, they are all wonderful.  Of course, I would send one right back to the workaholic momma, but I am not sure that's allowed... so here are 3 others.

1. Trisha's Travels - Trisha, is a friend of mine, who I have known since the age of 5!  A few years ago, she did a semester abroad in Australia, she liked it so much that she picked up a few months ago, and MOVED there! (Temporarily, I think, lol).  But I think that she is sooooo brave, and I love reading about her experiences Down Under.  Check out her Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, FRONT ROW concert!

2. Passion for Savings - I am hooooked!  Every since leaving my job, and us going down to one income, I accept any help finding bargains!  I have saved on everything from photos, to cards, clothes, and food!  Definitely check it out!

3. Stichin With Peg - Mrs. A (Peg, but I would never call her that, lol) is my best friend's Momma, and is a VERY talented quilter.  I am, in NO way, crafty, or should ever be allowed NEAR a sewing machine, but Mrs. A has made us 2 BEAUTIFUL quilts, and I love looking at what she is up to all the time.  She does some amazing work!

Thank you again for the award!



the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! I LOVE reading your blog and everything going on with you guys!! I too am addicted to lip balm and totally prefer it over lip gloss or lipstick!! And yeah, tequila and me have never gotten along:) Hope you guys had a great Monday!!!

Natalie said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for following my blog. Your little girl is so cute, and I love her name! I am the same way...tequila shots make me what to throw up...ugh.

Samantha said...

Hi Natalie! I love your blog, Nolan is such a handsome little man! Let's not talk tequila, lol. Thanks for following me as well. :)