Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters and Then Some

Dear Family,  I could not be more proud of how close and supportive we have been of each other.  We lost such a huge part of our family, and not one bit of it has been easy, but we have been there for each other in the most amazing way.

Dear Friends, Extended Family, and Others for their thoughts and prayers,  Thank you, they are much needed and appreciated. xo

Dear Gwen, I am so happy that you got to know your Pop-Pop so well before he passed.  He loved you so much, and I will make sure to tell you all the stories I can about him.

Dear Jason, Oh, my rock... I could not have gotten through the past few days without you.  Thank you for all of your love and support. Pop loved you like one of his own. I love you. a lot. ;)  

Dear Mom, Thank you for the good care that you have given to Mam-Mom and Pop during this rough time.  Although we may not all say it, we are extremely grateful to you. Love you.

Dear Mam-Mom, My sweet Mam-Mom, I am so sorry for your loss.  You and Pop showed us all what True Love really is.  I can't imagine how heavy your heart is, because I know how heavy mine is.  I hope that time will heal us all.  I hate to see you go, and eagerly await your return. I love you so so much and hope that you have a safe trip home. I know that your funny face guardian angel will be watching over your ever step.

Dear Pop,  It hurt so much bringing you to your final resting place... it made everything so final.  I miss you more than words can express. There isn't anything any of us wouldn't do for one more hug, smile, kiss, or laugh.  Visit us in our dreams, maybe we can take a car ride? I love you.

This is a poem that my Aunt Deb wrote the day Pop passed away. It is truly beautiful... enjoy.

Shocking news and harsh reality
Brought us to this place of inevitability
And so we gathered like never before
And we broke open our thoughts and our hearts
And shed it all- right down to the core

Something happened this day

And as we were told to do, we said goodbye
Before he boarded his last plane
And took off into the sky
With painful anticipation
We waited and prayed with want for him to fulfill his dream
Of coming back home to die among family in peace

Something happened this day

We were overcome with happiness to see
He survived the flight with tremendous hunger
For -go figure- baked ziti

Our joy was confusing because we already knew
How this story was very soon to conclude

Something happened this day

And so we settled him in to his ending care
Learning to accept this final way
Adjusting from monitoring everything
To simply keeping him peaceful and without pain

Something happened this day

We learned how to visit and how to respect each persons walk
We learned how to put on a smile
And listen to him struggle to talk
We witnessed him keep his word and honor his wife one last time 
As he arranged for us to gather for her
70th birthday surprise

Something happened this day

And as the last goal was met
And he felt fulfilled and achieved
We could see the looming sunset just beyond the trees
We continued to support as each of us knew how
And prayed for the best
That God would allow

Something happened this day

I woke up this morning to receive the call
That this husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and friend
has taken his last fall
I questioned what's left?
What will fill the hole in our hearts?
How do we move forward?
How do we restart?
Then I realized it's already begun
We have merged all of our memories and combined them as one
This man was like no other
He'd probably say... "I am what I am and if you don't like it that's just too bad"

A loving husband, Pop-Pop, uncle, brother, and dad.

And on this day
Something happened... and we are forever changed.

-Deb Lyons

Yes, we are FOREVER changed.  We love you.


Anonymous said...

Well said Sam!
Uncle Tony

Chris said...

Visiting from Friday's Letters. So sorry for your loss. Your Aunt's poem was so touching and I adore that picture of your Pop-Pop. Hope you're having a good weekend... thoughts to you and your family!


Nicholl Vincent said...

Prayers for your family.

have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!

the workaholic momma said...

That is such a beautiful and moving poem. I am so sorry for your loss....I just lost my poppa 1.5 months ago so i know the pain you are feeling...bittersweet because they are no longer suffering but the finality of it all stings and hurts. Thinking of you.