Thursday, August 9, 2012

Signs and Peaches

As you all know, the loss of my Pop has been hard on me and my entire family.  But since he passed, I SWEAR he has been sending signs to us, letting us know it's ok, and that he is watching over us.

First... Jeff Gordon {my grandparents ALL TIME FAVORITE athlete/race car driver} won his first race this past weekend in a while.  {Pop let him win}.  I was very excited and a little piece of the pain went away because I felt Pop still with me.

THEN, Tuesday night, I was looking up what Meetups my "Mom Group" had to offer this upcoming week.  Now, since our summer has been so crazy, I haven't had much interaction with them, and the first meetup that I saw was to go Peach Picking.

Why is this relevant, you ask?

Wellllll, one of my Pop's fav stories to tell about me was how I picked his "prize" peach off of his peach tree one summer.  He was distraught, but couldn't be mad at me because I had picked it with the same pride, to give to my Pop-Pop.

Soooo, of course we had to go!!!

I was so excited!

So, Gwen and I went to this beautiful farm about 40-ish minutes from our house and had a blast!  There was a bunch of activities for kids, but the best part?!?  The peaches.

Gwen was pretty cranky {bc she barely napped} after taking her out of the bouncy house {which she couldn't get enough of!} but as soon as we walked into the peaches, she rallied!  And had the best time.

I know he was there with us.

And it took away a little more of the pain.

When we got home, and after dinner, Gwen actually asked for one of the peaches... and she shared it with her Momma. It was perfect.

I got your sign, Pop, and it made me smile.  Thank you.  I love you.



the workaholic momma said...

aaww..your pictures are gorgeous and gwen looks like a peach lover!!! Thinking of you guys and sending over hugs....I too believe that you pop pop is watching down over you guys with love:)

Monica said...

Such a great post, it looks like a fun time picking those peaches!