Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One More Month

SO much has been going on these past few months that it really hasn't sunk in that in just ONE more month {and two days}...

...Gwen will be 2.


I cannot believe it.  I know how cliche' I am going to sound right now, but WHERE did the time go?  I feel like I just blinked and she is no longer a little baby.  She's growing too fast!

She is one amazing little girl.  Chatting up a storm from the minute she gets up to the minute she falls asleep. Like, full sentences.  Scary! People are constantly stopping me asking how old she is and when I tell them she will be two in September I always get the same reaction "She talks so well!" 

In place of "Thank You," she says "You're Welcome."  It is the absolute cutest to hand her something and without missing a beat she says "You're Welcome, Mommy." lol.  I sort of never want that to change. :)

She is the BEST little dancer.  I swear she has more rhythm than most adults {she gets that from her Momma :)}. It makes me so excited to bring her to the Fresh Beat Band concert in a few weeks, because I know she is going to have a blast!

She could possibly be part fish. Or mermaid. Girlfriend can't get enough of the water. Like, will stay in until blue and shivering, and cries when you take her out.  Even at the beach, no fear.

And she is so stinkin' smart!  For real, she comes out of nowhere with some stuff, that I am almost brought to tears because I am so proud of how smart she is.

I am loving this age {but really what age haven't I loved yet}, and I would love to just slow down time just a little bit.

Next up in our adventures? Potty training. Getting rid of that damn ba-ba. Hopefully enrolling in a dance class this fall! The Fresh Beat Band Concert.  Being a Flower Girl twice in the next few months. And tons more.

I am knee deep in planning her second birthday party, which will be bah-noon {balloon} themed because, well, she can't get enough of them!  This year though, it will be a much smaller event, lol.

Oh, baby girl, stop growing so fast.

Mommy loves you.



Candice Moretti said...

AAHHHH! Where is the time going?! My G will be 2 in November! I am beside myself. She is just too precious!

the workaholic momma said...

I know....2 is right around the corner for both of girls:) I just finished a post for tomorrow that is so similar to this one...haha:) I wish we lived closer...I know our girls would get along so well!!! And yes, I'm totally with you on the smaller party...we are doing the same:)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

brit said...

such a cute post! I love posts like this lol