Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas in NYC

We ventured out yesterday into the madness that is NYC during the Holiday season, for a little bit of the Christmas Spirit.  It was a great day!  Full of Bryant Park, FAO Schwartz, good food, and of course the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

There were SO many people with the same agenda, as to be expected, I think we were all looking for a little pick me up during this national time of sadness.

It was even more enjoyable for us because Gwen is now at that magical age when she is starting to understand what it going on.  She was in awe of all the lights, and buildings, and candy!  Lol.

It's an amazing feeling having the magic of Christmas brought back into our lives because of Gwen... it really is a blessing.

Only 9 more days til Christmas! And only 7 until our first Christmas {remember we have four, lol}!  Can't wait!


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