Friday, December 21, 2012

Surviving Christmas - My Holiday Advice.

I know that I have mentioned time and time again about how we have many different places and faces to see during the holidays {blah, blah, Sam}, but it isn't an easy task.  It takes some scheduling and finagling and teamwork.  Yes, I said teamwork.

You see, I may not be a veteran or an expert on this particular subject, and may bitch about it from time to time, but I have learned quite a few things along the way... I thought maybe I should share.

First and foremost...
We are a team.
We, being Jason and I {before Gwen was born}, and now Jason, Gwen, Wiley {yes, even him} and I.  Therefore, if one goes, we all go.  If one can't go, none of us go. No singular adventures.  We support each other in everyday life and the holidays should be no different.  If anything, they are more important! We stick together.  Hell, Jason and I don't even like to drive in separate cars on holiday excursions. lol.

Everyone is equal. {I think this is the most important one}
This is something that Jason taught me, well I mean I already knew it, but he allowed me to actually experience it.  Every single destination and family/family member is just as important as the other.  Whether my family, or his, no one place/situation/person is more important than the other.  The minute that you let unbalance happen, it will set a tone change.  {Which usually occurs in a fight - no bueno}

It's a blessing, not a curse.
Although it is not the easiest way to spend the holidays, I sometimes have to remind myself that I should be thankful that I have so many places to go and people that want to share the holidays with us.  It could be MUCH worse... we could have no one.  And when I put it into a perspective like that, it becomes a little easier.  Our holidays are filled with people who love us and want to share these moments with us, and for that, we should consider ourselves lucky.

Us first.
When Jason and I exchanged vows, we also were promising that our family was to always come first.   That we were to make all decisions based on what was best for us first, then others.  And now, especially with Gwen in our lives, it is very important to always put our little family first.  We are setting the tone for her future.  We are creating her memories right now.  And we must make sure that all of the choices we make are in her best interest.  So, yes, that is why we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are spent at our home, then we travel.  Because these are the memories that we hope for her.

Be flexible.
Listen, it's never really going to be easy for us.  And travel is most likely always going to be a part of this process for us {that is, if we want to see everyone that loves us for the holidays}.  So, our best bet is to be flexible and ask all of those that are a part of our holiday schedule to do the same... for us.  

So there it is.  I hope this helps at least one person... because I really wish that I had this advice years ago.  But, maybe that's the thing, maybe we learn these things with experience.  I know that having Jason and Gwen in my life has changed my entire perspective on things.  And it's just another reason that I am grateful for them.  Even Wiley ;)

Happy Friday, peeps!  Glad to see we are all still here :)


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