Wednesday, December 14, 2011

THOSE People

Yes, today, we were THOSE people.

What people, you ask.

Oh, just the people with the poor child screaming at THE top of her lungs after being handed to Santa.

Let's just call this picture, "The Calm Before The Storm."
Bring in Santa... and cue the tears! 
Even Daddy couldn't help soothe her... 
And then she begins to try and escape! 

My poor baby.  But, you couldn't help but laugh because it was THAT loud of an EAR PIERCING scream.  I looked at the girl taking the pictures and said "It isn't going to get any better, just take a picture, please."

And as we were paying for our lovely picture, the cashier begins to say, "Wow, I thought Linda Blair was here." 

Really??  That's so sweet of you to say.  Jackass.

Here's the official pic...

$19.99 for this precious memory!

I couldn't wait to come home make dinner and have a glass of wine.  Blame me??

Hope Santa will still make it here ;)



brit said...

poor sweet girl!

Breanna said...

aww :( poor baby!

the workaholic momma said...

aaawwww...poor Gwen!!! But you're right...laughing is all you can do!!! Addie tried to escape much for getting a picture of the cute dress she had on;)

Hope you enjoyed your glass of def deserve it!!!

Fash Boulevard said...

hahahahaha. love love love this. she's adorable. I totally got a kick out of these pictures, so happy you captured it and that you got your glass of wine. adore your blog. xo

Anonymous said...

this is exactly why I keep putting off going to see Santa-I fear Morgan doing the same thing.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I have been thinking of you today!! Poor Gwenn! Hayley was like that on her first CHristmas too! She is adorable regardless.

Monica said...

Awww!! I feel for her, people in costume freak me out too