Friday, March 23, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

There is a little, very little, part of me that is ashamed that my television watching is 99% "Reality" TV, but hey, it's addicting.  Lol.

Bethenny Ever After - This is one of my absolute favorites.  I LOVE Bethenny, I love that she's a little crazy, that she doesn't sugar coat anything, and I love her little family.  This week's episode was nuts! They were stuck on a boat without a working GPS!! I would have freaked out!! They are all alive and safe though, thank goodness!  And I almost peed my pants when her therapist walked in on her in the bathroom. AWKWARD! 

Real Housewives of Orange County - Ugh. Where to start??  I felt so bad for Vicki's daughter {and Vicki a little bit} for having go through that surgery and play the waiting game for her results... but I could not stand how Vicki was her nagging normal self while all her daughter wanted to do was sleep. Shush Vicki!  And weirdly I thought it was sweet how Alexis' hubs actually helped take care of her... then Alexis had to go and call him her "King" again, and I wanted to vomit. lol.

Criminal Minds - I know that I have said this before, but I have NO idea why I watch scary shows, when I am scared of everything!!  I really liked this week's episode, I love when they show the personal side of a character.  BUT, I hate when it involves kids... makes me want to cry. 

Jersey Shore Reunion - The whole Mike/Snooki scandal is just annoying.  Nobody cares. It's so weird that they all signed on for the next season, Snooki will be preggo and Mike having gone through rehab. What an interesting summer THAT will be!

TV shows that I am looking forward to:
Punk'd - OMG I crack up at just the commercials, I love a good practical joke!
The Pauly D Project - Seriously, you know you're gonna watch, he's probably the funniest one of the JS crew!
16 & Pregnant - WHY?!?!  WHY do I watch this show?  Bc it's a mess?? Bc I am a mom?? I have NO clue, but I will be DVR-ing {there is NO way I could get Jason to watch this, so I will watch during Gwen's naptime on Wednesdays}
Real Housewives of NJ - This is the best of all the Housewives!! I cannot wait for all of the drama to return!! 

Happy Friday! 
We have a very busy weekend ahead of us, with a theme of 60! I'll have all the details for you Monday! 



Alyssa said...

I totally agree, the Mike and Snooki thing bores me to no end. And I must say, I was shocked to see that there will a season six. However, I'll definitely be tuning in hahaha. I'm so excited about Punk'd, Pauly D Proj, and 16 and Pregnant! I haven't ever watched a season (just the Teen Mom's) but this season looks good!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Girl, I love your little tv segment. I am SO FAR behind. I can live vicariously through your review.LOL

Natalie said...

I love Bethenny but I heard the whole sailboat fiasco was a setup and they really weren't in trouble. I hate when shows do that stuff!