Monday, March 12, 2012

Date Night ~ Brio Style

Last Tuesday, Jason and I were lucky enough to have a date night.  Just us two.

My Uncle, who works for the Brio/Bravo restaurant company, called me and asked if we would like to attend a preview night at their soon to open Brio Tuscan GrilleYonkers, NY restaurant.

Let me think...  a date night, delish Italian food, wine, and desert???

Why, yes, I would love to!

Tuesday arrived, and Jason and I drove the 45-60 minutes to this beautiful, newly built, shopping complex, also home to the brand new Brio.  

I am just going to get right to it, we ate like gavones!  Haha.  The deliciousness started right at the Bruschetta Quattro.  Umm... perfection! {I might add that it pairs perfectly with a glass of Cabernet!}

For our next course, Jason had the Lobster Bisque, and I had the Brio Chopped Salad.  OMG, they were perfect.  I made the executive decision that we should share with each other, and thank goodness I did, because I would have been SO mad if I didn't get to taste that bisque!

Gorgonzola Crusted Bistecca, {14 oz strip, topped with Gorgonzola, served with mashed potatoes and veggies} was Jason's entree choice, and again, I forced asked him politely to share.  Sooo yummy.  I love when your steak is cooked to correct temperature that you asked for... it makes it THAT much more enjoyable.

Shrimp and Lobster Fettuccine, {Shrimp and lobster tossed with mushrooms, green onions and a spicy lobster butter sauce} was my choice, and to be honest, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I am a total sucker for ANY seafood/pasta combo, and THIS was one of the best that I have ever had!!  It was the perfect combo of spicy and creamy, ugh, I wish I had some right now.

Since it was the "preview" or the opening before the opening, dessert was chosen for us.  Jason was served the Tiramisu and I was given some sort of Apple bread something {sorry I didn't know the name, I think I was on a food high at this time to catch the name} but it was fabulous. 

All in all, the night was perfect.  Good food, cute company, and some delish wine.

Moral of the story, kiddos?!?!  If you haven't been to a Brio or a Bravo yet, go.  Now.  You are totally missing out.  

Thank you so much to my Uncle Tony, for thinking of us and sending the invite our way.  We are so thankful, and look forward to heading back to Brio or Bravo soon!!!



LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Yummy! Looks like a great meal! And why wasn't I invited-LOL> I love some good food!

Natalie said...

Yum yum! Sign me up for a date night at that place :)

The Bases said...

Brio is so good!! I was recently visiting a friend in Kansas city and had a couple hours to spare. I parked it in front of the fireplace and had wine and a flat bread and it was awesome! I definitely reccomend!

Alyssa said...

What an awesome date night! Our closest one is in Charlotte! I'll have to mention it to my family who lives there.

Candice Moretti said...

Seriously looks delicious! My mouth is watering. YUM!

Amber said...

Looks like an awesome night with delicious food