Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturdays Laughs

I am pretty proud of myself for getting this up on time!  I usually am posting these on Sunday, or sometimes not at all :(  Yay me!


5.  One of Gwen's current favorite words is "apple" and she is pretty good at associating it with fruit, yes, she associates it with ALL fruit{grapes, blueberries, the entire produce section}, but it's a start.  lol.  Sometimes, she will even just randomly walk around the house going "AH-pull, AH-pull" and we just laugh and repeat it back to her.  Well, the other morning as Jason was getting ready for work, he left his iPhone in a spot that Gwen could get to.  She picked it up and started running down the hallway chanting "AH-pull, AH-pull."  Jason took it back from her and said "No, sweetie, not an... oh wait, yeah I guess it is an Apple!"  Haha!!!  She's one smart girl ;)

4.  Gwen's teenage tendencies are appearing already at 18 months, lol.  While "fake" crying/whining to get what she wants {or attempt to} she puts her hands on her face covering her eyes.  THEN, in perfect teenage fashion, she stops, peeks through her fingers at us, makes sure that we are there and watching, and then proceeds to cry some more. Seriously?!?! haha!
3. We have had some absolutely GORGEOUS weather here lately, so we've been frequenting the park.  There is a section of the park that is a water park in the summer, that Gwen loves running around in, and it has a tall purple dragon, that she seems to be obsessed with.  Jason saw it goes "Gwen look, it's the Dragon from Shrek, you know, Donkey's wife!"  Ummm... I think you have seen that movie one too many times, dear.  Lol. {It was very cute though!}
2. We are in the process of weaning Gwen off of her bottle and on to the sippy cup full time.  It is going pretty well, except she HAS to have one when she wakes up and one right before bed.  She takes the bottle, chugs the crap out of it, and then heads over to one of us for a refill.  Daddy was standing at the fridge the other night, when Gwen came looking for a SECOND refill.  Daddy pretended to fill the bottle {that had a small amount still in it} and handed it back to Gwen.  WELL, you can't fool my girl!  She went into FULL tantrum mode until Daddy took off the bottle top and put a real refill in it!  Hahaha.  She's seriously too smart for her own good!

1. Gwen LOVES to sit in our front window, she climbs up there almost every day, colors there, watches a movie, even sometimes just people watches.  Yesterday morning, I was in the kitchen for a few minutes, doing dishes, and when I looked back in the living room, Gwen had brought a package of unopened diapers up to the window and plopped her little tush on it! I guess that the window sill needs a little cushioning, haha!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Go get your drink on!


brit said...

Too cute! What a diva! =)

Amber said...

My middle daughter started showing her teenage side before we were even released from the hospital when she was born. :) Here's hoping we can all survive those years.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Okay- I love them all but the apple when had me cracking up! Why yes- it is an apple,lol! Look at her bringing her diapers for cushioning- the girl sounds like a true diva,lol:) She is smart- she knew what she wanted with the bottle! Look at her at the park- so adorable! I love your laughs! Too cute and funny. I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

Amber said...

Morgan does that same thing with her hands. She has started the fits a little early too-ugh drama with little girls :)