Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm A Thief

Let me explain...

This morning, Gwen and I were out running errands and decided to browse TJ Maxx to see if they had anything we needed.  I saw this adorable pair of Stride Rite slippers {Gwen's current ones are getting old and stretched out} that looked like the perfect replacement.  So, I put them in our cart and continued on.

I then saw a cute dress, that I thought might be perfect for Christmas Eve Mass and dinner.  So I grabbed it and headed to the dressing room.  {I don't know about you, but I physically CANNOT buy anything without having tried it on first}

The dressing room situation was a little hairy, because I couldn't bring the cart in, therefore, no stationary seat for Little Miss Gwen...  cue the chaos.

I don't think I have ever stripped down, dressed, twirled {you have to twirl in a dress}, stripped again, and re-dressed, all while "baby talking" with my daughter, faster in my whole life.

The dress was "ehh" and not really something that I NEEDED, so Gwen and I gathered our things and headed out to our cart.  I gave the dress back to the attendant, put Gwen back in the cart, and thought "I need to get out of here, A-S-A-P.  Because that was just a lot of work for nothing."

So, I proceeded to the door.

Then, through the parking lot.

Got to the car, put Gwen in her car seat, grabbed the diaper bag, and as I took off the cart cover... there they were.

Those damn slippers.

That I had decided we weren't going to buy, because they were a bit big on Gwen.

And I just stole them.

NOW, I am sweating.  Looking for cameras.  The Po-Po.   John Walsh to show up because now I am one of America's Most Wanted.

I knew I had to go back in, but {back me up Moms} I had JUST gotten Gwen, her puffy coat, our bags, snacks, etc. INTO the car.  Uggggggggghhhhhh.

But, I totally believe in Karma.

If I were to just head home and pretend that I didn't realize what had happened, SOMETHING bad would have happened to me.  Or I would have lost something important.  That's how Karma works.

Out of the car Gwen and I got, and headed back inside to confess our sin return the stolen merchandise.

The woman looked at me like I was crazy when I said "I am so sorry, but I totally just walked out of the store with these."

"Oh, ok."

Really, lady???  I just thought that I was going to prison, and you could give two sh*ts.

I should have kept them.


If you aren't laughing at my ridiculousness already, maybe these baby belly laughs will get you chuckling...

Gwen thought that we jumping was hysterical, check it out.
{Warning, I was taping and jumping at the same time, hope you don't get motion sickness from watching :)}

Happy Friday, peeps!


Alyssa said...

Literally laughing out loud at the "you could give two shits!" Hilarious! What a day for you!

Monica said...

Haha definitely believe Karma would have come around. That video is adorable!

brit said...

Girl I cannot tell you how many times I've walked out of the store with something! Baby stuff takes over the world, and things just get lost in them! I've never done it alone though, so I always send the hubs back in with the stuff.

That video of Gwen is so adorable!

Natalie said...

I love that cute laugh! I almost do this all the's so hard not to get distracted with a little one!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Hilarious!! I have done this before- actually many times! Love the video of Gwenn!!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

LOL! I'm hysterically laughing over here. 'Oh, Ok.' I've done it before too, and it was the same thing, I had two girls, lol. & Didnt want to go back into the store, lol.. But like you it was eating me alive, haha.. so I did.

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness...I can TOTALLY see myself doing this but yes, I'm a huge believer in karma too!!! LOVE the video of her laughs - SO cute:)