Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Resolution and a Challenge

Resolution:  Host one link-up per month.
{Good, right? How else to "meet" new people}

I'll keep Thankful Thursday {November}, but every other month, I'll just do ONE day.  With a "prep" day for everyone a few days ahead of time.

I have one for February already :)
Here's a sneak peek at the button...


Deets to come later.

Challenge: 25 Days of Christmas
Thanks to my friend, Brittany, over @ Our Life Is A Jungle, I found a way to keep the Christmas spirit up AND another reason to take pics! 

Here is a complete list of the Challenge... and I have to catch up!  So, here are my Days 1-9 and I'll add the rest tomorrow :)

Day 1. Something red
Day 2. A List
I made this "free" card for Gwen from Tiny Prints.  It was too cute!

Day 3. The Christmas Tree

Day 4. Presents wrapped under the tree
Sorry, but I can't put out presents under my tree yet, they would be unwrapped or eaten before Christmas lol!
Day 5. Something warm and tasty
I made these {recipe found here} via Pinterest, and they are as amazing as they sound!  And easy to make! Go, NOW, make some!! 
Day 6. A Candy Cane
My Candy Cane Mani... that counts right?
Day 7. A Wreath w/ a Red Bow

Day 8. Stamped and addressed Christmas cards
I loooove our Christmas cards!
Day 9. Santa Claus

Santa, 2010.  We are going tomorrow to see the "Big Guy" and I'll post afterwards!  Please wish us luck! Lol.

Oh, how I love the Christmas season!



LOVE MELISSA:) said...

LOVE this! Your mani is ridiculously cute! did you do it yourself? I can't wait till Gwenn meets the big guy! You have to let us know how it goes.

Natalie said...

Can't wait to find out more about your new link up! What a fun list for Christmas...and can't wait to see the Santa pic...still need to do that with Nolan!

brit said...

love love LOVE your nails! How did you do that?!

brit said...

Oh and also, your January linky should be all about resolutions. {or not! =)} And if you're ever looking for a co-host, hit me up!

the workaholic momma said...

oh my gosh...those cookies look amazing!!! And I just bought 72oz of chocolate chips at Sams Club...looks like I'll be using that Pinterest recipe;) LOVE your Christmas cards too...they are adorable!!!

wallacefamilyblog said...

love your christmas cards those are too cute! We are another family that still needs to go see the big guy:)