Thursday, December 29, 2011


As I told you yesterday, we have been ridiculously a little bit exhausted from all of or holiday fun, so you may not be surprised to hear that Tuesday, Gwen and I spent in PJs.  All day.

C'mon, it was nasty out, we were tired and OH, by the way, Gwen has been rockin' her first cold ever {awesome timing right?} since a week before Christmas.  Thank God for Boogie Wipes is all I can say!

So, we locked ourselves in our house for a day... no big deal.

But, yesterday was a whole other ball game.  We had errands to run, and shopping to get done.  So we were up, showered, put together and out the door by 8 am... headed into the cold to stock up on supplies :)

Well, we went to the grocery store, post office {at least we tried to, until we realized that it didn't open until 10am :( } and then headed back to our humble abode to relax, play with some of Gwen's amazing new toys, and have lunch.

When we got home I realized that, in the haze of my "holiday hangover," I had grabbed diapers in Gwen's SHOE size, not actual DIAPER size.  Grrrr.  AND I had already gotten rid of the receipt.  Double Grrrr.  So, I called the courtesy booth of the store and explained me problem.

No worries.  Since, I used my "Store Card" I can just bring them back and exchange.

Ok, I am still annoyed that I have to go back, but at least it seems like it will be an easy task.


Well, that's sort of a fib.  The transaction went pretty smoothly, I mean, it did take a little longer than expected, and Gwen was a bit restless {nap time was near}, but I just handed her my keys, she happily accepted, and I continued to talk to the clerk. 

All done.  Sweet!  Now, let's get home and get my cranky/sick baby a nap.  But, as we approached our car, I realize that Gwen is no longer playing my keys... actually they are NOWHERE in sight!!!  Ahhh...

Don't panic, I think to myself, just go back to the booth and they will probably be right there.

Not a chance.

They weren't there, no one had turned them in, and now all I could think is that someone is going to drive away with my car, my baby and I will be stranded, and my husband may possibly have a heart attack! 

Cue the sweat and panic.

So, I call Jason, and begin to scream tell him the problem, and that I am currently standing with the car, with the fear that some weirdo is going to come and try to drive off with it.  I tell him to get his ass there IMMEDIATELY ask him to please go get his key and meet me at the car, so that I can walk through my "route" in the store while he guards the car. {Yes, I am crazy, I know.}

He arrives 10 minutes later {Thank goodness he only works a few minutes from home!} and I dash upstairs {we were in the underground garage} to begin my search.  Thankfully, I was only there to exchange the diapers, so there were only a few places that I had to look. 

After a few minutes of scanning the baby aisle, I turned the corner, and there, on the bottom shelf, were my keys {Cue the Hallelujah chorus!} and I was finally able to breathe again.

It seems as though when the keys were done entertaining Gwen, she decided that we no longer needed them, so she threw them out of the cart.  Thanks, peanut.  Lol.

Needless to say, crisis was adverted, Daddy came to our rescue, and I bet you can guess who doesn't get to play with Mommy's keys anymore???  At least, not the important ones ;)

Fun stuff, right?  Lol.

Here's some pics of mischievious little lady

Playing hide and seek with my Aunt

Hope you are having a good week!



brit said...

We love boogie wipes in my house! And oh my gosh, Torin does that with stuff all the time! Thankfully it's never been anything important {other than his favorite teething ring I had to replace 3 times!}

Monica said...

Thats one of those stories that sound cute even though I am sure it was not when it was happening! I love that picture of you two!

Andrea said...

how funny! Don't you just love it when they throw things away like garbage when they decide they're done?

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

We have a whole source of boogie wipes-I love them! I love that story-too cute. I love the hide or seek picture:) So adorable.

the workaholic momma said...

oh goodness girl, i have totally had similar things happen to me before - im notorious for misplacing my keys...without addie doing it for me:) I'm SO glad you found your keys:)