Friday, December 2, 2011

I Don't Have A Sister... the biological sense, that is.  God, never gave me one, but he DID give me a cousin.  A cousin who I consider a sister.  We are only 6 months apart in age.  Grew up in the same town.  Went to the same schools.  And have spent TONS of time together, getting into trouble, and still do.

This is Sherriann.  And today is her birthday!!!!

We are headed down to celebrate with her in a little while, but I wanted to give her a proper Birthday Blog Post, and ask you all to say Happy Birthday as well.

Sherri, I love you like a sister, Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you!



Wee said...

Happy Birthday, Sherri! Hope you girls have fun tonight! Be safe! <3

the workaholic momma said...

Happy Birthday Sherriann!!! Hope you guys celebrate in a fun way:)

Natalie said...

Such a sweet post! Happy birthday to her!