Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge {Last Day :( }

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Day {Ten} NYE memories/pictures

The past two NYE couldn't be MORE different from each other... but I loved them both!

The Scene - We were newly married and decided that instead of spending TONS of money heading out to NYC, worry about transportation, and stand in long lines all night for bathroom, drinks, etc... Let's have a party.  BUT, let's get DRESSED UP!! Like suits and dresses.  It was awesome.  We had about 20 friends and family here, took a bunch of cute pics, and had a kickass time.

Have to have Veuve on NYE

My friend Megan and my brother Michael... now engaged, but this was their 1st NYE together after they started dating at our Wedding.  You're welcome. lol.

My BFF, Jen & Jason's Cousin, Tim.  Their 1st New Year's together too after they started dating at our wedding.  We are good matchmakers :) 

Sibling love :)

3 of my favorite people!

Cousins.  Aren't they a handsome bunch?

My bestie, Elyse. Love her!
We had a blast... and coincidentally we conceived Gwen that night... sorry if TMI, but it's my blog. Deal.

A year later...

The Scene - Gwen had been in our lives for 3 1/2 months, and as far as we were concerned, there was nothing more that we wanted to do than stay home just us 3 and ring in the New Year at our house, alone.  We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant {Gwen slept through the whole meal}, then came home, put on some pjs, danced with Gwen to all the performances on TV, put Gwen to bed, drank Champagne, and gushed about how AMAZING our lives were.  Umm... can you say PERFECTION???
Out to dinner

My delish meal... soooo good!

My angel, letting Mommy & Daddy have a nice dinner together.

Ugh. Love her SO much!!!!

Daddy's Girl

The MOST important people in my life.

Dancin' with Daddy

All partied out!


Happy New Year :)

It was such a special NYE.
This year, we are having people over once again, and thinking of having an 80's themed "Dance Party"{the video game} party.  Should be fun!

I looooooved doing this Challenge!  It definitely got me into the Holiday spirit.  I hope you enjoyed it too.

Happy Friday, peeps.


Anonymous said...

Both look like great ways to celebrate the new year! :)

Brittney said...

Both NYE's sound perfect! We always go out with friends and stop by another friend's party and swear we'll be home by midnight - and we're almost always late!

Jewely Bug said...

It's always amazing how our idea of the perfect moment can change so much when we have kiddos. Your little one is adorable and I hope you have a wonderful NYE this year too. :)

Monica said...

Wow both of those look like a great time! I hope your NYE turns out just as great this year :)

The Bases said...

I love both of these nights! How sweet your second NYE was knowing it was a year ago you actually started your little family! So fun!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

YOu are such a cute family!! I so remember many NYE in NYC. Those are the days!!! I hope your new years is great:)

Breanna said...

Love all of the photos! You have such a cute family!
Looks like you all have a blast on new years :)