Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge {Day 9}

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Day {Nine} 2012 Goals/Resolutions

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  I didn't really make any resolutions last year, for a few reasons.  Mainly because I had a 3 month old baby, and barely knew if I was going to be able to shower each day, so why would I put that type of pressure on myself. lol.  But this year I would LIKE to set goals, even if they can't be met.

Here's my "tentative" list...

yes, that's broad, I know, but there are so many things {office, couponing, storage, etc} that I want to organize that I NEED to be that broad.

find a play/mommy group for Gwen and I.
I think that I may have a few ideas for this dept., but I am going to wait until after the craziness of the holidays so that I can fully devote to this task.

Christmas shop all year round.
weird, right?!?  Lol. but seriously, I see TONS of deals all the time, and I know that if I just put my time and effort into it, I could get SO much accomplished.

Buy more, spend less.
this all ties into the couponing thing.  I really want to get better at it.  I mean, I am good now, but I know I can do better. {although, I will NOT be dumpster diving with my kids for unused circulars like some on "Extreme Couponing"} I feel like if next year is the year we are going to try for another baby, we better make sure that we save as much as we can.

Be More Active.
not sure how, just want to be. haha.

These are just a few... I have a few more in mind, but I really have to evaluate what I want to strive for in the New Year.

What do you think?

Hope I can stick to one some of them :)




Allison said...

Visiting from the link up! Your daughter is adorable! Gwen is one of my favorite names. Good luck with your goals. I love the idea of Christmas shopping year round, makes more sense! I always stress at this time of the year.

Monica said...

Great goals! I always say I will try to get more into couponing so I can save, seems such a waste to not! Good luck with all your goals :)

rkjalernpan said...

Good goals! Thanks for sharing.

Casey said...

Here from the challenge :)

Do you read Becky's blog, From Mrs to Mama? She just did a post this week or last about Christmas shopping all year round! Once I have the place to store gifts, I'm totally doing it!!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Great goals! :) I've been trying to start couponing and being more active too. Here's to both of us achieving them in 2012. :)

the workaholic momma said...

Yes...I am totally with you on the organization life feels so scattered some days!!! And next year may be baby #2 trying year for us too:)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Buy more, spend less- this is on my list as well! I hope you guys find a great playgroup. This was such a cute post to read.